Beat Kuert, Moving Earth by David Ben Kay

Beat Kuert, Moving Earth
by David Ben Kay, Owner and Curator – Yuanfen New Media Art Space, Beijing 798, November 2009

There are few artists, past or present, who have the vision or talent to show the full spectrum of the female: from the sensual and the erotic to the duality of being both the creator and the destroyer. Beat Kuert is one of the few artists with the vision and talent to undertake such an endeavor and to do so with a unique mastery of color, form, movement and myth.
“Moving Earth” presents an explosion of images that leaves one both breathless and emotionally charged. There is much to chew on intellectually in terms of the mythological underpinnings of what one sees: the Great Mother moving, creating life and taking it away, brings both orgasmic joy as well as tragic anguish. Thoughts of recent earthquakes and the devastation Mother Earth has brought course through your mind as you look at some of the works, but then as you move on to the next, you are reminded that “She” will also be responsible for the rebirth of not only the earth, but of man’s spirit.
Beat is, himself, quite reticent to offer too much in terms of guidance about what the viewer should think. He intentionally doesn’t provide long explanations about what inspired the work. He doesn’t need to. And maybe even more importantly, I don’t believe he wants to. Each piece not only speaks for itself, it speaks personally to each viewer. Think whatever you want – and Beat’s work will make you think. But when you’re able to pull yourself away, you will find that the work has evoked in you a myriad of emotional responses that will stay with you for a very long time.