Selected Exhibitions

2018 MAC Miradoli Arte Contemporanea, 20144 Milano

2017 Good Morning Darkness, an Installation by Beat Kuert. Curated by Francesca Martire  in the context of the 57th Venice Biennale

2015 FaultLine/TimeLine VENICE BIENNALE 2015 contribute to the collateral event Personal Structures, at Palazzo Bembo

2014/1 Polvere di stelle città  Undergallery, Milano 

2014/11 Illustrating Florence Event at IX New Florence Biennale, Florence. Curated by Prof. Dr. Rolando Bellini and Maurizio Gabbana, 11/2013

2013/11 ET SIC IN INFINITUM Site Specific Installation at IX New Florence Biennale, Florence. Curated by Dr. Rolando Bellini 11/2013

2013/5 LA NIEBLA DEL TIEMPO  at LAGALERIA, Barcelona, Curated by Laura Muns

2012/07 WUNDERKAMMER  at M&C Saatchi, Shanghai, Curated by Angela Hsu

2010/11  Eros and Thanatos Solo exhibtion in Seoul at Gallery WA, Curated by Lisa Yeonjung Kwon

2010/12  IL RINOCERONTE Organised by Adriano Heitmann

2010/07  KAN – Longing for Rain  Beijing, at Inter Art Gallery Curated by Na Risong

2008  VERTIGO Turin, at Allegretti Contemporanea


2005  LA NASCITA Presentation of the Art Collective Group DUST&SCRATCHES at POLUS Center, Balerna (CH)