Et Sic In Infinitum
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Et Sic In Infinitum

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Essay by Dr. Rolando Bellini
© 2013

“Kuert’s work – and I must point this out – can sidetrack us; it can confuse us, seducing us on a number of levels. For example, it evokes early Wittgenstein, dialogues with Kandel, stimulates recourse to Edgar Morin and, through this, ultimately arrives at Jean Baudrillard, the thinker – and we will see this immediately – I announced as the ideal interlocutor of the most recent or current Kuert. Lastly, it touches upon the most varied specialized milieus of the artistic galaxy, favouring approaches that can elicit complex questions, tearing the veil of self-awareness, of his own work – though analytically verified – and of the world. In my opinion, confirmation of what I have conjecturally argued so far comes from none other than Kuert’s most recent work, which seems to allude to two different models: one is historical and explicitly stated, while the other is modern and, instead, is left unspoken. As the incipit of his new opus, a work in progress that has not yet reached its crucial stage, he presented me with an intriguing text written by an alchemist and entitled with the Latin words Et sic in Infinitum.”
From the introduction by Rolando Bellini


Et Sic In Infinitum
Project/ Et sic in Infinitum
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