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Essay by Angela Hsu
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“The world’s largest modern art center, M & C Saatchi Gallery once again brings an outstanding modern artist to the community. Swiss digital artist Beat Kuert showcases his works to the audience in Shanghai. As an artist who works in a wide range of areas including film, video and photography, Beat’s theme remains the same through these arenas – the human desire. The discussion of desire through images does not lead to desire itself, but to the desire to affect the topic of life and death.”
作为全球最大的现代艺术中心, M&C Saatchi 画廊此次又迎来一位杰出的现代艺术家。瑞士现代艺术家Beat Kuert 将他的现代艺术作品呈现给上海的观众。
作为一个游走于电影、录相与摄影等几个不同领域里的当代艺术家,无论其作品采取何种形态,但Beat有一点却是始终不变,那就是聚焦于人类的欲望。而通过 影像来讨论欲望,所抵达的终点,并不是欲望本身,而是由欲望所牵动的生与死这个根本命题 (from the introduction of the catalogue)
“Chaos is the word that indicates the disorder before creation or, for Beat Kuert, before the manifestation of his vision. At its center persists, perhaps even obsessively, the female figure, repeatedly depicted (up to twenty-four times) in the same image. Always different, elusive and fleeting, but always erotically alluring. The artist himself has written that his recent works express a sort of struggle to attain an image that seems immersed in a perpetual ‘oscillation between order and chaos’, between attraction and repulsion…. 
It is not surprising that Beat Kuert considers the sum of his previous works – video and photographic – as a personal cabinet of wonders, which conveys his own worldview. The intent of this vast collection of images is similar to that pursued by collectors of curiosities during the Renaissance. They sought unusual objects and documents, often related to topics like magic, astrology, esotericism and alchemy. Therefore, it is not surprising to find the female figure at the center of Kuert’s imagery…. Beat Kuert used a similar approach to create his own contemporary Wunderkammer. The artist states that an age devoid of ‘wondrous things’, and instead full of events lacking magic, mystery and poetry, is ‘harmful to creativity’. His recent works seem to assert the need to express a fantastic world in constant movement, full of surprise, emotion, transgression and fabled visions. Ultimately, a world defined by art and poetry that is truly able to represent the existential adventure of mankind.” (from the text of Enzo Di Martino)
From the catalogue WUNDERKAMMER

© 2012


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