Good Morning Darkness

Good Morning Darkness

Thoughts that arise and fly away

“It’s not that you “see” nothing in the dark. On the contrary, in the darkness, all images in their original state are already there: I just have to “feel” them and develop them.

It is like being in the darkroom where I once developed my pictures and brought them to life. In a solution, the image slowly appeared on an empty white sheet.

When I worked as a filmmaker, my pictures were arranged in a series of thousands on celluloid tape, waiting to be projected onto the white wall by a beam of light. Every projection was a new act of creation. When the room became bright, my fantastic universe disappeared. The pictures were born, lived and faded away, fleeting witnesses of a moment.

I have mounted my works at the Venice Biennale as if on tape, one behind the other and set so closely that they partially melt together. If you follow them with your eyes, they move and are like thoughts that arise and fly away.”  (BK 2017)

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