I wanted to become a poet

As a child I wanted to become a poet because of my fascination with the German term “Dichter”. The word essentially means consolidate, make denser, compress and intensify. I wanted to try to express in three lines what holds the world together in the internal one.

My paintings consist of many fields that overlap each other and so they sediment: memories, desires, fears, hopes. All compressed into a single image. My whole world in one picture! This is my passion.

However, longing grows after simplicity. Pictures with little depth, little form. One in the brightness of a varied red surface or a picture of dense fog.

Someday perhaps I will hang a white image on a white wall. But it would probably have three dimensions or, better yet, only one. That would be closer to my desire for Nirvana. (BK)

Close to Nirwana

“Becoming a Poet” 2014 © Beat Kuert

#digital Photography

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